Terms and Conditions

Scrutiny and usages of the personal information:
The item will be handed over after the complete scrutiny and the identification of the borrower. we don’t take deposits usually. Your information will be shared with the detective agency, and we will rent it only after getting the positive report. This term is especially applied to the higher value items. To minimize the risk factor in rare cases(when a lot of higher value items enrolled in a single invoice), we demand deposits. Simply, for any honest borrower, the whole procedure will be easy and sesamless.

Misusers are not required anymore:
Person, who submits wrong information, incorrectly uses our equipment or abuse our system, wont be entertained by the management and henceforth all the services provided will be banned for them.

Consider the borrowers responsibility:
It is the responsibility of the borrower to return the item in the same condition. It is advised to check the exact condition of the equipment right before signing the rental delivery invoice of the tems, the damage or loss during the rental period falls in their responsibility criteria.

Equipment loss:
In case of loss of the equipment, customers have to either pay the replacement costs or replace the item with their own tools to the Snapbrew. Management will impose appropriate charges if the item is found unavailable.

In case of the damages: In case of damage of the items, the borrower has to pay actual repairing charges occur at the service centre. If the borrower claims that the items failed on its own, the concerning decision about the failure or damage of the equipment will be taken by the service centre. We will handle your repairing expenses if the report shows the wear and tear, and if it does not show, you will have to pay the same. Equipment damaged through the water, fire, sand or other negligence always fall on the lap of the customers. If it is impossible to repair the equipment will has to be replaced or the amount equivalent to the product value has to be paid.

Missing or damaged accessories:
If you have got any accessory with the equipment and that gone missing or damaged, you have to replace it with the newer one. Otherwise, a fine of 10% plus newer equipment costs, you need to pay.

Default on returns:
If you do not return item on time and not answering our calls even after the due date, you will be charged at twice the daily rental rate. This term is applied on every situation except the critical medical emergencies.

Unavailability of the item:
Despite our best efforts and commitment, the equipment may get faulty or the the item may be just stolen or in any such circumstances, we may not be able to provide the equipements at the scheduled time. On such unforeseen situations, Snapbrew does not take any lossess incurred to you due to non delivery of the scheduled items. We strive to keep up the schedule and deliver on time.

Usages criteria of the equipment:
Please treat all these equipment at normal conditions, calamitous use of theses listed tools may cause damage and strictly prohibited.

Ownership of the equipment:
The ownership of theses listed items falls under the Snapbrew.

Cancellation charges:
You do not need to pay any cancellation charge, if you cancel 7 days before rental start date. After which, per day rental is charged for every single day. [For eg. If your rental start date is on Oct 20th , you enjoy zero cancellation fee until the end of Oct 13th]

Loss, theft and fraud:
If we do not receive the item even after the 72 hours of the rental end period, and the borrower is not responding or not reachable or if we come across any detail or information to be fudged or fraud, we ensure to start the recovery procedure immediately. In this case, we have rights to hand over the case to our legal advisors. They will file the FIR and hand over the case to the cyber-crime. Except registering the case in section 420, we seek the services of private detectives or investigators in order to trace down the customer and resale of the equipment in the market, using the serial number. This case will be spread all over and the photo of the customer along with the lost item will be published on our site, twitter, Facebook and other social media, even on print media like newspapers, magazines, posters, if we consider it necessary.