Oct 10 - 11, 8am Snapbrew


This is your start to Professional photography!

Learn the basics of photography through this oversimplified bootcamp. For this workshop there is no preliminary photography-knowledge required. You will learn starting from how to handle your gear to manually control your camera in various lighting conditions. The workshop will take place at Snapbrew just a few mins drive from Anna Library, Kotturpuram.

The goal of this class is to enable photography enthusiasts who already own a DSLR but are not using it or people who intend to move from mobile photography to DSLR. Also who aspire to take up their composition and creative skillset to the next level.

  • Beginner friendly
  • No theoretical overload
  • Small group of just 8 individuals
  • 6 hrs time to learn and as well practice
  • Event space is sanitised to high standards
  • Refreshments & meal included

For Reservations: +91 73585 07005 / +91 89392 03031

Venue: Snapbrew

Date & Timing: Oct 10 - 11, 8am


Who can enrol in this course ? ‚Äč

Anyone who is eager & passionate to learn the basic understanding and handling of professional cameras can enrol in this bootcamp.

What type of equipment should I bring ?

Any basic camera with manual control is good enough to bring along.

Will you provide camera equipments during the workshop ?

No we do not. But of-course, you can rent from us at an extra cost.

Can I use my phone camera ?

We don't advise but still if you desire to use it, then full manual control must be enabled in your phone camera.

Does previous experience in photography required ?

Absolutely not. In fact this is especially designed for beginners with no previous experience. NOT FOR ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHERS.

What can I expect to learn ?

Basic understanding of formats, specifications, mechanics, controls of camera, exposure triangle, camera modes, composition, types of lighting and much more with a practical session.

How long is each session ?

The whole event is designed in to two sessions. Each session is 3 hrs long with a 45 mins break in-between.

What is your group size ?

Group size is no more than 8. We try to keep our guest to mentor ratio minimal to give enough attention on every individual.

Can I pay the course fee on the day of the event ?

No you can't. Your seat will be allocated only at the confirmation of payment.

Can I audio or video record the class ?

Students are not permitted to do any sort of video or audio recording of the bootcamp class

Considering the Covid pandemic, Is the event safe enough to attend ?

(What measures are taken to keep the workshop environment safe ?) Safety of our students is our top priority. We have made enough measures to maintain covid safety standards in the event space.

What is the payment process and modes ?

We accept Gpay, paytm, Credit/Debit card and cash payment. Once the payment has been made, the seats will be confirmed. The registration is completely first come first served basis.

Can I cancel my registration ?

Yes you can. When you cancel 14 days before the event, the complete registration fees will be refunded.

Any further questions ?

If you still have questions please get in touch with us at info@snapbrew.in or call +91 73585 07005