Gopro Hero 4 Silver Camera Rental, DSLR for Rent Chennai

Hero 5
Advanced GoPro in every which ways, Built-in touch screen display, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, simultaneous video & photo, photo bursts, quick capture, super view and Hilight tag. Also under low light conditions automatically adjusts the frame rate for optimal performances. #wear it.mount it.
Arrives With Standard Housing, 32GB Micro SD card, 1 Battery and 1 Battery Charger
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Rs. 800/- per day
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Photo - 12 MP/ 30fps Burst
Night Photo - 10, 15, 20, 30 second exposure times/ upto 60 min intervals
Video - 4k 15 fps/ 2.7k 30fps/ 1440p 48fps/ 1080p 60fps/ 960p 100fps/ 720p 120 fps/ WVGA 240
Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth
Super view - much wider more field of view